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  • Prestwood Software

    Jun 12 2014

    Clarion Wealth Planning has used Prestwood Software since its earliest days. This video by the Telegraph Business Club explains the genesis of the system that underlies much of our financial planning and sets out the vision of its founder, in which we firmly believe.

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  • What goes into a Clarion financial plan?

    Aug 27 2013

    Steven Walker, director and Chartered Financial Planner at Clarion Wealth Planning Limited, explains the purpose and basic contents of a holistic personal financial plan.

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  • Making lifetime gifts

    Aug 16 2013

    Ron Walker, Managing Director of Clarion Wealth Planning Limited, explains what is involved in making lifetime gifts and explores the circumstances in which this might be suitable, including as a strategy to manage Inheritance Tax liabilities.

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  • High flyers!

    Apr 10 2013

    On Thursday 28 March 2013 the high-flying staff of Cheshire-based independent financial advice firm Clarion Wealth Planning Limited enjoyed an evening of indoor "skydiving" at Airkix in Manchester. Watch the highlights here!

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  • Pension recycling

    Dec 19 2012

    Michael Brooke explains pension recycling, a process by which some semi-retired individuals can maximise the benefits of tax relief.

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  • Discretionary investment management

    Nov 22 2012

    Ron Walker explains why Clarion chose to launch its own discretionary investment management capability and what this service can offer to clients.

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  • Becoming a Clarion client

    Nov 15 2012

    Ron Walker, founder and managing director of Clarion Wealth Planning Limited, introduces the company and explains the financial planning and investment services that Clarion's clients can expect to receive.

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  • Using tax-free cash to provide a tax-efficient retirement income

    Oct 29 2012

    Financial planner and pensions expert Michael Brooke explores a method by which tax-free cash from a client's pension commencement lump sum entitlement can under some circumstances be used to provide a tax-efficient income.

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  • Pension sharing orders

    Oct 10 2012

    Steven Walker, Chartered Financial Planner and director of Clarion Wealth Planning Limited, explains what a pension sharing order is and why it is important for divorced people who may be the beneficiaries of such orders to have them implemented promptly.

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  • Financial planning and divorce

    Oct 1 2012

    Steven Walker, Chartered Financial Planner and director of Clarion Wealth Planning Limited, gives an overview of the financial planning issues that arise in many divorce cases and explains how good independent financial advice can help.

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