Investing a lump sum 

How should you deal with sudden wealth?

Individuals can find themselves with a large sum of money that they wish to invest for the long term for a variety of reasons. These can be desired events, such as the sale of a business, a lottery win or the payment of a pension commencement lump sum. Or the money can be acquired in less happy circumstances – through, for instance, inheritance, divorce or the payment of compensation following an accident or case of clinical negligence.

Clarion Wealth Planning’s advisors can bring their experience to bear to produce an appropriate investment strategy in all of these circumstances and more.

Inheritances can raise particularly difficult issues – partly because they are often acquired at an emotionally difficult time, and through a sense of responsibility not just to oneself but also to your departed loved one. A substantial inheritance, though, can transform your lifestyle and sense of financial security if managed properly.

Clarion’s financial advisors are used to dealing sensitively with bereaved clients to gain a complete picture of their financial needs, values and goals in order to construct a suitable long-term financial strategy and investment risk profile.

We are also experienced in the various issues that can arise when dealing with a loved one’s estate, form arranging deeds of variation to wills to setting up or managing trusts. As independent financial advisors with decades of experience in this field we are at the heart of a network of professionals and, if necessary, can point you toward the best legal specialists to draft any documentation that might be required.

Whatever the source of your “sudden” wealth, we will examine your circumstances and establish your life goals and personal values before making any investment recommendations. Where approriate we will take into account any requirements for the sum invested to be available in whole or part to future generations, and can provide expert advice on the most suitable investment vehicles and structures from an Inheritance Tax (IHT) perspective.

If appropriate Clarion Investment Management Limited's discretionary investment management capabilities can be used to construct a portfolio of assets that matches your risk profile much more closely than “off the shelf” investment products. And, because our business model relies on clients staying with us for the long term – and, put bluntly, the better your investments perform in absolute terms the more we are paid – you can be confident that our interests are always aligned with yours.

To speak to one of our experienced, highly qualified financial planners please call Clarion Wealth Planning on 01565 653804 or send us an email.

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