Assets may be held in trust for many reasons.

In some instances an individual or family may place some or all of their assets into a trust either before or upon death in order to minimise exposure to inheritance tax, to protect property from being sold to fund long-term care or simply to exert a measure of control over how those assets can be used in the future – and by whom.

In other cases assets may be held in trust for a minor. Or they may be placed in trust for an individual who has received a substantial compensation payment as a result of personal injury or medical negligence – in which case the sum awarded is likely to be intended to last that individual for the rest of his or her life.

In all of these cases the assets held within the trust need to be invested in accordance with the purpose of the trust and the risk profile of its beneficiaries.

Furthermore, legislation places a responsibility on trustees to seek appropriate investment advice to ensure the proper management of the assets held in trust.

Clarion Wealth Planning Limited has extensive experience of working with trustees to manage the assets of a broad range of trusts. While their responsibilities are distinct from those of trustees, and the investments they control are governed by a separate regime, we are also able to provide investment advice for Court of Protection deputies.

Or, if you are considering setting up a trust, we are able to help you decide upon the right structure and guide you toward appropriate legal advice.

To find out about Clarion Wealth Planning's services for trustees, Court of Protection deputies and individuals who wish to set up trusts, please call 01565 653804 or send us an email.

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