Client resources 

Welcome to the client resources section of the Clarion website.

From this page you can access a number of tools and third-party websites, both to help us deliver a better, smoother financial planning service for you and to enable you to view information about any investments we might manage for you. The links on this page will take you to third-party sites and each will open in a new window.

Risk profiler

It is vital that any personal investment portfolio is constructed and managed in line with the individual client’s attitude to, and tolerance for, risk. To help us establish your risk profile we use a sophisticated tool developed by our partner firm Margetts Fund Management. You can access this tool and complete your risk profile here.

Fund valuations and factsheets

Clients with holdings in the Clarion Funds (Prudence, Meridian and Explorer) can view latest fund prices and access up-to-date factsheets, application forms and other literature here.

Model portfolio valuations

If Clarion Investment Management Limited manages your investments in a segregated account operating a model portfolio you can view an up-to-date valuation via your platform provider’s website.

To access valuations of investments held on the Axa Elevate platform please click here.

For valuations of portfolios held on the Raymond James Investment Services platform please click here.

If you have any queries about the above or would like to discuss any aspect of your finances and investments please do not hesitate to get in touch. You can either email us or call your advisor on 01565 653 804.

Related Items

Risk profiler

Clients of Clarion Wealth Planning can complete our risk profile questionnaire online. This sophisticated risk profiling tool is provided by our partner company Margetts Fund Management and will open in a new window.

Clarion Funds

Clarion Investment Management Limited has developed three risk-rated funds of funds which can be blended to match a client's precise risk profile.

Model portfolios

Clarion Investment Management Limited is able to manage clients' investments held in segregated accounts using a range of risk-rated model portfolios.