Client testimonials for Ron Walker 

"Clarion, and Ron specifically, have been the most outstanding support throughout a potentially very complicated time in our lives. Having left my old career behind, and taking an entirely new route in life, we needed guidance in all areas of our finances and life planning.

"Ron is a fantastic confidante, questions our ideas, and then backs us and our decisions 100%. There are things I'm very grateful Ron has stopped me from doing - it's been an education!

"Mel and I have such trust and confidence in Ron and the team, and can relax in the knowledge that everything is always thought through and taken care of. We hope for a long and fruitful relationship."

October 2014

- Mr Daniel Brown, Cheshire


"We were both quite apprehensive about placing our pensions/investments, basically our future,with a financial planner.  With the benefit of hindsight, we really did not have anything to worry about.

"Clarion are an incredibly professional, experienced and knowledgeable company. There is, however, much more to them than this. They genuinely care about our lives and our future and are a real pleasure to work with. 

"We now have an organised, planned and secure financial future, which is reviewed annually to check it's on track.

"We really couldn't endorse Ron and Clarion more. He's given us a real perspective on our future and guided us in the right direction! A real pleasure to work with."

October 2014

- Mrs Lauder, Bolton, Lancashire


"What we admire in Clarion Wealth is the ability to hold their clients’ individual needs to the forefront of their financial planning."

February 2014

- Mr & Mrs Clare, Liverpool


"Following the recent sale of my business, I was approached by several well-known wealth management companies but wasn’t quite comfortable with any of them, I sensed they were really only interested in selling me products. My corporate advisor recommended Ron Walker of Clarion Wealth Planning to me and I soon realised I had found an advisor who was interested in giving advice without pushing products.

"As a result of the Financial Life Plan Ron has modelled for me, I feel confident that I can actually afford to spend more of my hard-earned wealth without fearing one day I will run out of money.

"Ron listens carefully to what my partner and I want out of life and has the technical skills and experience to create a plan that will help us to enjoy our wealth to the maximum. For example, at our last meeting, Ron showed us how a cash management facility can be used to increase deposit returns at the same time as reducing exposure to risk of bank failure. This kind of advice could make a big difference to us, as having achieved success in business and capitalised on this, we don’t now want to take too much risk with our investments."

July 2013

- Mr P Garside, Lytham St. Annes, Lancashire


"My Accountants recommended Clarion Wealth Planning to me in 2006, shortly after I sold my London based brand design business. I was looking for a financial advisor who fully understood the complex personal financial affairs that tend to accumulate over many years of running your own business.

"Ron Walker clearly 'knows his stuff' and is never afraid to give an opinion. The lifelong cashflow forecast Ron has created and updates annually, sets out clearly how my financial life is likely to pan out over the long term and has become the 'bible' Ron and I consult before making any major financial decisions.

"I trust Ron implicitly and his experience and willingness to help, consistently saves me a lot of the time and hassle associated with today’s complicated financial World."

July 2013

- Mr A Cami, London


"As owner-manager of a fast paced business, it’s invaluable to have someone you can trust to manage the personal financial side of things. The services Ron/Clarion provides would normally involve dealing with at least two separate advisors (a financial advisor and an investment manager) and having both sides co-ordinated by one individual, through Clarion Wealth Planning and Clarion Investment Management, saves me valuable time. As a businessman himself, Ron really understands the issues we face. I can get on with developing the business, confident that Ron is looking after my personal financial affairs." – Mr K.

"Mr K is a stickler for detail and after less than satisfactory experiences in the past, he really scrutinised Clarion before taking them on; it turns out Ron cares as much about detail as we do. Every year we have a major review and update of our financial life plan prepared by Ron Walker. At the end of the meeting, we leave feeling assured that as long as we continue to grow the business and ultimately get the value from it that Ron has calculated we need for complete financial independence, everything will fall into place. Everyone at Clarion is courteous and professional." – Mrs K.

July 2013

- Mr & Mrs Kenworthy, Lytham St Annes, Lancashire

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