The Clarion Welsby Family Foundation 


Making a difference to lives and communities

The Clarion Welsby Family Foundation (charity registered in UK no. 1141275) is a grant-making body that exists to aid good causes primarily in the North West of England.

Small grants are made to support projects where a significant degree of voluntary or match-funding “leverage” will have a multiplier effect on the value of that grant – for instance where the sum applied for will be used to purchase materials that will then be used by a volunteer or body of volunteers in pursuit of a charitable or community aim, or where our initial grant will enable the organisation to access other funding streams.

Grant-making criteria

As a grant making body rather than an operational charity, we require that all grants be made to/through an accountable third party charitable or community organisation rather than directly to individuals. For the avoidance of doubt, we will not engage volunteers or staff directly but will fund other organisations that do so.

Our preference is for funding specific projects that will have a clear and – ideally – measurable outcome in terms of the quality of life of individuals who live in the North West of England. This could range from projects that benefit an entire community or neighbourhood to those that provide support for specific groups of vulnerable, unwell or otherwise disadvantaged individuals.

Organisations whose activities include a strong political element are unlikely to be funded. We do understand, however, that many charities and community organisations will be involved in single issue lobbying and such activity in pursuit of their charitable aims will not prejudice the success of their application for funding. We will not, though, fund campaigning activity directly.

The Clarion Welsby Family Foundation is not a large fund, and our resources are limited. This is one of the main factors behind our preference for specific, clearly defined projects or work that targets identifiable beneficiaries. As a result we are not usually able to provide funding for the general running costs of organisations. We do appreciate, though, that many bodies struggle to raise funds for this purpose so, where organisations are able to meet all the other criteria of our application process, we may make contributions to running costs where they are clearly essential to the delivery of the project under consideration.

It is a condition of any grants made by the Clarion Welsby Family Foundation that each project agrees specific goals in advance of any funding being provided. It is furthermore required that a written report describing how those funds have been spent, and the outcome of that expenditure measured against the project’s agreed goals, be supplied to us at a specified date.

How to apply

In the first instance all interested parties should complete our application form and email it to us along with a project budget. While we will endeavour to reply to every fully completed application that meets the criteria stated above, we are an organisation with limited resources so cannot provide detailed feedback to all unsuccessful applicants.


We treat all complaints with the utmost seriousness. If you have a complaint about the contduct of the Clarion Welsby Family Foundation please address it in writing to The Complaints Officer, Clarion Welsby Family Foundation, Overbank, 52 London Road, Alderley Edge, Cheshire SK9 7DZ.